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Use of SPSF Funds for Programs for Students

UT Board of Trustees Policy BT0011, the Policy on a Student Programs and Services Fee, provides that expenses relating to student programs funded by the Student Programs and Services Fee (SPSF) must be organized or operated under the auspices of the Chief Student Affairs Officer. Such University-sponsored programming for students is an essential part of the educational process for students at the University. This procedure outlines ways in which the Vice Chancellor for Student Life (VCSL) will involve students concerning programs of a type formerly organized by student programming boards and registered student organizations and termed “student-organized programming” under the version of the Policy in effect on March 1, 2019. For purposes of this procedure, such programs are termed “programs for students.” This procedure applies to programs for students that occur on or after August 1, 2019, at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

To ensure compliance with the Board’s Policy, the VCSL will decide which programs for students will have value to the University’s students from the perspective of educating and retaining students, and accordingly which programs for students that the Division of Student Life will organize and operate, as well as the amount of SPSF funds that will be spent on such programs for students.

Download the SPSF Process for Allocating Fee for Programming PDF.

Programming Student Advisory Board

The Programming Student Advisory Board (PSAB) is responsible for providing feedback to the Vice Chancellor for Student Life regarding programming funded by the Student Programs and Services Fee (SPSF). The PSAB is housed within the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Life and meets periodically to discuss programming suggestions from Student Life departments, surveys, and similarly related bodies. The PSAB is tasked with reviewing program suggestions and providing feedback on the impact of these perspective programs on the University community. The PSAB seeks to have broad student representation from across campus.

SPSF Program Suggestion Form

This online form will be used to collect information from individual students regarding program suggestions. Once completed, the form will be sent electronically to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Life for consideration.

SPSF Program Suggestion Form