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Events Funded by SPSF (FY14)

The following FY14 events were funded in part or whole with allocations from the Student Programming Allocation Committee (SPAC):

[Visiting Artist] Sarah Suzuki
[Visiting Artist] Nick van Woert
[Visiting Artist] Luzenne Hill
[Visiting Artist] Lother Ostenberg
[Visiting Artist] Letecia Bajuyo
[Visiting Artist] Enrique Chagoya
[Visiting Artist] Chie Fueki
[Visiting Artist] Andrew Rafferty
[Visiting Artist] Adrienne Outlaw
[Trip] Tanger Outlet Mall
[Trip] Smokies Baseball
[Trip] Six Flags Over Georgia
[Trip] Outlet Mall
[Trip] Ice Skating
[Trip] Hiking
[Trip] Downtown Atlanta
[Trip] Dollywood Splash Country
[Ticket Subsidy] Knoxville Symphony
[Ticket Subsidy] Clarence Brown Theatre
[Special] World Hunger Banquet
[Special] Welcome Week ‐ Vol Night Long
[Special] Welcome Week ‐ Video Dance Party
[Special] Welcome Week ‐ Super Art Fight
[Special] Welcome Week ‐ Carribbean Splash Jam
[Special] Welcome Week ‐ Beyond the Borders
[Special] Vol Night Long ‐ Where the Wild Things Are
[Special] Vol Night Long ‐ Vol‐O‐Ween
[Special] Vol Night Long ‐ Smokey’s Birthday Bash
[Special] Vol Night Long ‐ Royal Treatment
[Special] Vol Night Long ‐ Country Western Hoedown
[Special] UT Opera
[Special] UT Hunger Banquet
[Special] The Power of Music for Social Change
[Special] The Mystical Arts of Tibet ‐ Sand Mandala
[Special] Taste of Ghana
[Special] Take Back the Night (an event to raise awareness of sexual violence)[Special] Sustainability Week
[Special] Spring Festival Party
[Special] Samsung Galaxy Campus Tour
[Special] Rocky Top Rave
[Special] Norouz ‐ Iranian New Year
[Special] Native American Heritage Night
[Special] Multicutural Graduation Celebration
[Special] Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration
[Special] Kwanzaa Celebration
[Special] Japanese Poetry Contest
[Special] International House Thanksgiving Dinner
[Special] International House Tailgate
[Special] International House Halloween Party
[Special] International Festival
[Special] Independence Day Party
[Special] I Heart UT ‐ Vol Fun Run
[Special] I Heart UT ‐ Campus Cookout
[Special] Human Rights Week ‐ Food Justice as Human Right
[Special] Homecoming Tailgate
[Special] Holi ‐ Festival of Color
[Special] Friendship Program Mixer
[Special] Fast‐A‐Thon
[Special] Fall Fest ‐ Screen Printing
[Special] Evening of Down Under Bowling
[Special] Disability Week ‐ Showcase of Knoxville Disability Organizations
[Special] Disability Week ‐ Forum on Employment & Disability
[Special] Disability Week ‐ Disability Trivia Night
[Special] Debate on Fracking
[Special] Darwin Days
[Special] Culture Night ‐ Zimbabwe/Zambia
[Special] Culture Night ‐ United States
[Special] Culture Night ‐ Palestine
[Special] Culture Night ‐ Korea
[Special] Culture Night ‐ Korea
[Special] Culture Night ‐ Japan
[Special] Culture Night ‐ Italy
[Special] Culture Night ‐ India
[Special] Culture Night ‐ China
[Special] Cooking Demonstration ‐ Zimbabwe/Zambia
[Special] Cooking Demonstration ‐ Korea
[Special] Cooking Demonstration ‐ Japan
[Special] Cooking Demonstration ‐ Italy
[Special] Cooking Demonstration ‐ China
[Special] Coffeehouse ‐ Zimbabwe/Zambia
[Special] Coffeehouse ‐ KoreaSpecial] Coffeehouse ‐ Japan
[Special] Coffeehouse ‐ Italy
[Special] Coffeehouse ‐ India
[Special] Coffeehouse ‐ China
[Special] Black History Month Gala
[Speaker] Wayne White
[Speaker] Voices: Kristin’s Story and Katie’s Journey
[Speaker] Veritas Conversation with Marla Frederick and Mark Hulsether
[Speaker] The Naked Truth: Are the Kids Right?
[Speaker] The Mystical Arts of Tibet ‐ “Universal Kindness”
[Speaker] The Mystical Arts of Tibet ‐ “The History of Diaspora”
[Speaker] TEDxUTK
[Speaker] Michio Kaku
[Speaker] Lisa Curtis: The US and Pakistan
[Speaker] Justin Lee ‐ Finding Common Ground
[Speaker] Judy Smith
[Speaker] Joel Stein ‐ A Stupid Quest for Masculinity
[Speaker] Jennifer Baumgardner: I Had an Abortion
[Speaker] Jeff Ashton ‐ Imperfect Justice
[Speaker] Jamar Rogers
[Speaker] Human Rights Week ‐ Medical Activism with Remote Area
[Speaker] Greg Sestero
[Speaker] Gene Robinson
[Speaker] Female Orgasm
[Speaker] Erica Nicole
[Speaker] Enitan Bereola
[Speaker] Does Religion Matter
[Speaker] Crystal Wright ‐ Conservative Black Chick
[Speaker] Christian Siriano
[Speaker] Bron Taylor
[Speaker] Auto Lecture
[Speaker] Angela Davis ‐ Slavery and the Prison Industrial Complex
[Seminar/Conference] Sex Week
[Seminar/Conference] OUTstanding (a seminar exploring LGBTQ diversity at IT)
[Seminar/Conference] Male Summit
[Seminar/Conference] Disability Issues and Advocacy Conference
[Seminar/Conference] Black Issues Conference (a one day conference to improve race relations)
[Play] Under the Sea
[Play] The Vagina Monologues
[Play] The Road to Nirvana
[Play] The Glass Menagerie
[Play] Homebound: A Play for Nobody
[Play] Fabualtion
[Play] Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead
[Performance] VolapaloozaPerformance] The Mystical Arts of Tibet
[Performance] The Battle for Vola
[Performance] Tango Fire
[Performance] Strivers Row Poetry Slam
[Performance] Stompfest
[Performance] Stomp
[Performance] Raang Se Nachle: Holi Show
[Performance] Philadelphia Dance Company
[Performance] Nomadic Massive
[Performance] Motionhouse
[Performance] Jinahie
[Performance] International Dance Competition
[Performance] Homecoming Comedy Show
[Performance] Guerilla Girls
[Performance] Fall Fest ‐ JohnnySwim
[Performance] Diwali
[Performance] Disability Week ‐ Trix Bruce
[Performance] Dance Society Spring Show
[Performance] Comedian Ronnie Jordan
[Performance] Celtic Thunder
[Performance] California Celts
[Movie] Wet & Wild Weekend ‐ “Argo”
[Movie] The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug”
[Movie] Rocky Horror Picture Show
[Movie] Iron Man 3
[Movie] Human Rights Week ‐ “The Invisible War”
[Movie] Drive In Movie
[Movie] Disability Week ‐ “The Untouchables”
[Movie] “Zombieland” (included a zombiewalk before the movie)
[Movie] “Twelve Years a Slave”
[Movie] “The Princess Bride”
[Movie] “The Great Gatsby”
[Movie] “The Fall”
[Movie] “Star Trek ‐ Into Darkness”
[Movie] “Silver Linings Playbook”
[Movie] “Pacific Rim”
[Movie] “Much Ado About Nothing”
[Movie] “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”
[Movie] “Monsters’ University
[Movie] “Mean Girls”
[Movie] “Hunger Games: Catching Fire:
[Movie] “Girl Rising”
[Movie] “Gasland”
[Movie] “Don Jon”
[Movie] “Boogie Nights”Movie] “Beauty is Embarrasing ‐ The Wayne White Story”
[Movie] “BadGandpa”
[Movie] “Back to the Future”
[Movie] “American Hustle”
[Exhibit] Natalya Lobanova
[Exhibit] Jered Sprecher
[Exhibit] International Photo Competition
[Exhibit] Beth Hoeckel
[Exhibit] Annual Student Art Competition
[Discussion] Feminism for Thought