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Events Funded by SPSF (FY15)

The following FY15 events were funded in part or whole with allocations from the Student Programming Allocation Committee (SPAC):

[VISITING ARTIST] Valerie Britton
[VISITING ARTIST] Tracy Templeton
[VISITING ARTIST] Tamsie Ringler
[VISITING ARTIST] Roberta Smith & Jerry Saltz
[TRIP] Tennessee Valley Fair & Rodeo
[TRIP] Tanger Outlet Mall
[TRIP] Smoky Mountain Hiking
[TRIP] Six Flags Over Georgia
[TRIP] Knoxville Symphony
[TRIP] Knoxville Ice Bears Hockey Game
[TRIP] Ice Skating
[TRIP] Fall Festival
[TRIP] Drive-In Movie
[TRIP] Community Service
[TRIP] Chattanooga
[TRIP] Biltmore Estates
[SPECIAL] World Showcase – Russia (Culture Night)
[SPECIAL] World Showcase – Russia (Cooking Demo)
[SPECIAL] World Showcase – Russia (Coffeehouse)
[SPECIAL] World Showcase – Iran (Culture Night)
[SPECIAL] World Showcase – Iran (Cooking Demo)
[SPECIAL] World Showcase – Iran (Coffeehouse)
[SPECIAL] World Showcase – India (Culture Night)
[SPECIAL] World Showcase – India (Cooking Demo)
[SPECIAL] World Showcase – India (Coffeehouse)
[SPECIAL] World Showcase – Germany (Culture Night)
[SPECIAL] World Showcase – Germany (Cooking Demo)
[SPECIAL] World Showcase – Germany (Coffeehouse)
[SPECIAL] World Showcase – China (Culture Night)
[SPECIAL] World Showcase – China (Coffeehouse)
[SPECIAL] World Showcase – Brazil (Culture Night)
[SPECIAL] World Showcase – Brazil (Cooking Demo)
[SPECIAL] World Showcase – Brazil (Coffeehouse)
[SPECIAL] World Aids Day
[SPECIAL] Volapalooza Photo Booth
[SPECIAL] Vol Night Long – Wipeout
[SPECIAL] Vol Night Long – Street Themed
[SPECIAL] Vol Night Long – Harry Potter
[SPECIAL] Vol Night Long – Game Night
[SPECIAL] Vol Night Long – CarniVOL
[SPECIAL] Vol Night Long – Brawl Night Long
[SPECIAL] Video Dance Party
[SPECIAL] UT Lady Vols Basketball Game
[SPECIAL] Transgender Day of Remembrance
[SPECIAL] Thanksgiving Dinner
[SPECIAL] Take Back the Night
[SPECIAL] T.A.S.C. Fashion Show
[SPECIAL] Sustainability Week – Food Day
[SPECIAL] Student Engagement Fair
[SPECIAL] Student Art Competition
[SPECIAL] Smokey’s Howl
[SPECIAL] Romance Day, But Afterwards Your Love
[SPECIAL] Rainbow Rave
[SPECIAL] Poetry Contest Reception
[SPECIAL] Palestinian Culture Night
[SPECIAL] MLK Jr. Day Celebration
[SPECIAL] Middle Eastern Culture Night
[SPECIAL] Mahogany Soul: Not Easily Broken
[SPECIAL] Loosening Up the Bible Belt: Change and Inclusivity in Southern Christian Churches
[SPECIAL] Kwanzaa
[SPECIAL] International Tailgate/Football Game
[SPECIAL] International Photo Competition
[SPECIAL] International Friendship Program: Mixer
[SPECIAL] International Friendship Program: Mixer
[SPECIAL] International Friendship Program: Game Night
[SPECIAL] International Friendship Program: Bowling
[SPECIAL] International Festival
[SPECIAL] International Dance Competition
[SPECIAL] International Cooking Series: Saudi Arabia
[SPECIAL] International Cooking Series: Palestine
[SPECIAL] International Cooking Series: Indonesia
[SPECIAL] International Cooking Series: India
[SPECIAL] International Cooking Series: Germany
[SPECIAL] International Cooking Series: Arabia
[SPECIAL] International Coffeehouse: World
[SPECIAL] International Coffeehouse: Vietnam
[SPECIAL] International Coffeehouse: USA
[SPECIAL] International Coffeehouse: Scotland
[SPECIAL] International Coffeehouse: Saudi Arabia
[SPECIAL] International Coffeehouse: Russia
[SPECIAL] International Coffeehouse: Nicaragua
[SPECIAL] International Coffeehouse: Mexico
[SPECIAL] International Coffeehouse: Japan
[SPECIAL] International Coffeehouse: Guatemala
[SPECIAL] International Coffeehouse: Greece
[SPECIAL] International Coffeehouse: Germany
[SPECIAL] In A Certain Light
[SPECIAL] Homecoming Tailgate
[SPECIAL] Hike the Hill in Heels
[SPECIAL] Headphone Disco
[SPECIAL] Halloween Party
[SPECIAL] Fast-A-Thon
[SPECIAL] Fall Fest
[SPECIAL] Doughnuts for Inflation
[SPECIAL] Disability Week
[SPECIAL] Chinese Karaoke Contest
[SPECIAL] Campus Cookout
[SPECIAL] Beyond Borders Dance Party
[SPECIAL] Behind A Pretty Face
[SPECIAL] An Ode to Ole Tennessee-Open Mic Night
[SPECIAL] 4th of July Celebration
[SPEAKER] Your Hair Down There
[SPEAKER] Young Professionals
[SPEAKER] Women’s HerStory Month: The Real
[SPEAKER] We’ve Got Chemistry: The Science of Orgasm
[SPEAKER] True or False: Debunking the Myths of Neuroscience
[SPEAKER] Syria Night: The Forgotten Revolution
[SPEAKER] Stuck in the Closet: LGBT Issues in the Middle East
[SPEAKER] Racing Sex and Sexing Race
[SPEAKER] Poverty Impacts
[SPEAKER] Plastic Island
[SPEAKER] Legend’s Lecture Series
[SPEAKER] Laverne Cox
[SPEAKER] Katie Pavlich
[SPEAKER] George Dawes Green
[SPEAKER] Geography Awareness Week Keynote
[SPEAKER] French Connections – International Science
[SPEAKER] French Connections – World Business
[SPEAKER] Frenc Connections – Opportunities Abroad
[SPEAKER] Free Market System with Economist Steve Moore
[SPEAKER] Enabling Pleasure: Disability and Sex
[SPEAKER] Dr. Jackson Katz: More Than A Few Good Men
[SPEAKER] Can’t Measure Up: A Body Image Workshop
[SPEAKER] Bill Rosemann
[SPEAKER] Alfie Kohn
[PLAY] “True West”
[PLAY] “In the Next Room”
[PLAY] “Extremities”
[PLAY] “Bug”
[PERFORMANCE] Volapalooza
[PERFORMANCE] Taikoza: Japanese Taiko Drum and Dance
[PERFORMANCE] Spring Dance Performance
[PERFORMANCE] Southeastern Stomp Fest
[PERFORMANCE] Scott Bradlee and Postmodern Jukebox
[PERFORMANCE] Raang Se Naachle Holi Show
[PERFORMANCE] Pokey LaFarge and His Band
[PERFORMANCE] Planeta Azul
[PERFORMANCE] Homecoming Comedy Show
[PERFORMANCE] Global Issue: South African Choral Concert
[PERFORMANCE] Fisk Jubilee Singers
[PERFORMANCE] David Garibaldi
[PERFORMANCE] Chris Hennessee – Hennessee at Tennessee
[PERFORMANCE] Battle of the Bands
[PERFORMANCE] Asia Project
[PERFORMANCE] Anything Goes
[PERFOMANCE] Raisin’ Cane starring Jasmine Guy & The Avery Sharpe Trio
[MOVIE] Global Issues Conference: Documentary Screening
[MOVIE] Global Issue: International LGBTQ Rights Screening and Discussion
[MOVIE] “X-Men: Days of Future Past”
[MOVIE] “Wild”
[MOVIE] “The Lego Movie”
[MOVIE] “The Hobbit”
[MOVIE] “The Grand Budapest Hotel”
[MOVIE] “Space Jam”
[MOVIE] “Selma”
[MOVIE] “Save My Seoul”
[MOVIE] “Rocky Horror Picture Show”
[MOVIE] “Princess Cut”
[MOVIE] “Pandora’s Promise”
[MOVIE] “Momma Mia!”
[MOVIE] “Men, Women and Children”
[MOVIE] “Inherent Vice”
[MOVIE] “Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1”
[MOVIE] “Horrible Bosses 2”
[MOVIE] “Her”
[MOVIE] “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”
[MOVIE] “Guardians of the Galaxy”
[MOVIE] “Gone Girl”
[MOVIE] “Godzilla”
[MOVIE] “Frozen”
[MOVIE] “Flashdance”
[MOVIE] “Fargo”
[MOVIE] “Dear White People”
[MOVIE] “Boyhood”
[MOVIE] “Big Hero 6”
[MOVIE] “22 Jump Street”
[EXHIBIT] James Perrin Exhibit
[EXHIBIT] Homecoming Art Exhibit
[EXHIBIT] Derrick Riley Art Exhibit
[EXHIBIT] Color Refined Exhibit
[EXHIBIT] Christopher Thomas Exhibit
[EXHIBIT] Butter My Biscuit: Gallery 1010 Art Show
[DISCUSSION] Panel on the Neuroethics of Cognitive Enhancers
[DISCUSSION] Global Issue: Water Conservation
[DISCUSSION] Defining Blurred Lines: Sexual Assault Roundtable
[DEBATE] Gun Control – A Civil Debate on a Loaded Topic
[CONFERENCE/SEMINAR] Women’s Empowerment Summit
[CONFERENCE/SEMINAR] Global Issues Conference
[CONFERENCE/SEMINAR] Black Issues Conference