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Opt-In Procedure

University policy gives every student the opportunity to expressly authorize the university to allocate part of the Student Programs and Services Fee for student-organized programming.

Students make their selections each semester by logging in to, going to My Services, and clicking Update Program Fee Option. Options can be changed up until the end of the first day of each semester. If no option is selected by then, Option 2 is selected by default.

Option 1 (opting in)

Part of the SPSF goes toward student-organized programming. Some examples:

  • Volapalooza
  • Vol Night Long
  • Guest speakers such as Laverne Cox, Colin Jost, and Senator Scott Brown
  • Homecoming Southeastern Stomp Fest
  • Professional┬ádance groups & cultural performances
  • Ticket subsidies for local theater performances and festivals

Students who select Option 1 attend student-organized events for free or with discounted admission, because the fee has already covered their cost of admission.

Option 2 (opting out)

The entire SPSF goes toward initiatives on campus other than student-organized events.

Students who select Option 2 will be charged an admission fee for student-organized events (unless the event is free of charge for all attendees) since their fee did not go toward event admission.

Opt-in Procedure and Language

In advance of each semester, when students log into they will be asked to make a selection regarding the allocation of SPSF dollars for student-organized programming. Students will have the opportunity to make a selection until the end of the late registration process. If no option is selected by then, Option 2 is selected by default.