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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m enrolled in less than 9 credit hours. What portion of my fee am I authorizing to be allocated to student organized programming?

For fall 2018, the amounts are:

  • 9 or more credit hours $15.46
  • 8 credit hours $13.76
  • 7 credit hours $12.04
  • 6 credit hours $10.32
  • 5 credit hours $8.60
  • 4 credit hours $6.88
  • 3 credit hours $5.16
  • 2 credit hours $3.44
  • 1 credit hour $1.72

Spring 2019 rates are subject to change without notice.

How much do student-organized events cost if I choose Option 2?

It depends. Some events are free for everyone; others are not. For example, students who choose Option 1 for spring semester go to Volapalooza for free. Students who choose Option 2 for spring semester pay the public price, which ranges from $20 to $40.

Do the same options apply to graduate students?

Yes. Graduate students must choose Option 1 or 2.

Which events are funded by choosing Option 1?

The events vary from year to year. However, student organizations such as the Campus Events Board and the Black Cultural Programming Committee are funded solely through the SPSF.

How can my student organization request SPSF funds for our events?

The Student Programming Allocation Committee is responsible for awarding SPSF funds to student organizations for hosting events. Contact the Center for Student Engagement with any questions.

How will they know if I’m opted in or opted out at a student-organized event?

You will be asked to supply your student ID, which is encoded with your status. If you are opted out, you will be given the option to pay the public price if there is one.