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About the Fee


The Student Programs and Services Fee was created in accordance with the Board of Trustees’ “Policy on a Student Programs and Services Fee” adopted on June 19, 2014. The Student Programs and Services Fee replaced the former University Programs and Services Fee previously authorized by the Board of Trustees on August 18, 1971.

The purpose of the SPSF is to advance the University’s educational mission by funding non-instructional services, activities, programs, and facilities that promote student satisfaction and retention or promote the intellectual, physical, emotional, social, cultural, or leadership development of students.


Ultimate control of the Student Programs and Services Fee is held by the Board of Trustees by virtue of the “Policy on a Student Programs and Services Fee” and by the Board’s setting the amount of the SPSF annually upon the recommendation of the Board’s Finance and Administration Committee. Administrative officers are charged with the control of all aspects of the SPSF. The Chancellor delegates day-to-day management of the SPSF and its expenditures to the Vice Chancellor for Student Life. The Vice Chancellor for Student Life presents to the Chancellor an annual program and budget that reflects the purposes of the Fee. Appropriate consultation with students and staff is sought. It is recognized, however, that while seeking consultation in matters pertaining to the Fee, the Chancellor and other administrative officials will not delegate “control” of the Fee to any other person or entity.